Wednesday 31 January 2024


Last night's meditation felt very powerful and key in the momentous changes we collectively find ourselves. If we can heal the wounds of separation both within ourselves, each other and with our beautiful planet and come together as one, so many of the challenges facing us would simply fall away and clear unified solutions for the benefit of all would fall into place. Key to this is placing the wellbeing of the Earth at the centre of our hearts and decision making.

This is the core of all Crystal Earthworks planting and meditation work, healing the sores we have collectively created across our beautiful planet and supporting the healing of the wounds of separation within ourselves, between each other, and in connection to our beautiful Earth Mother.

To work on healing the wounds of separation at a personal level, septarian the beautiful crystal used last night, can be worn, carried or placed to the bedside or in a personal alter setting, simply programmed to heal the wounds of separation within and without. 

Another  key crystal in creating unity is unakite. At a personal level this amazing green and orange crystal can be worn, carried or placed in the home to promote inner and outer harmony. At a wider level, it can be used atop a meditative healing cairn, or in an office or meeting setting to promote commonality, unified vision and progression for the greater good. 

Tumbled unakite

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