Thursday 22 March 2012

World Water Day

Today is World Water day 2012 and the anniversary of the launch four years ago of the Community Crystal Planting Project:

'Waters of Pure Grace'

This project embodies the use of three specially programmed crystal planting configurations to help heal the waters of our energy challenged planet. These crystal sets offer a unique opportunity for anyone across the globe to plant crystals to heal areas of pollution, stagnation and trauma in connection to water.

The crystal planting sets are:

Pure Source
This set is composed of one Pure Grace Heart, one aqua aura and one amethyst, specially programmed together to cleanse
planetary waters of physical and emotional pollution bringing healing and returning balance and flow.
Suitable sites of planting include: source of a river, spring, sacred places in connection to water
e.g. wells, lakes.

Pure Flow
This set is composed of one Pure Grace Heart and four amethyst, specially programmed
together to absorb and transmute held negativity bringing healing and returning purity and flow.
Suitable sites of planting include: any stagnant area of water e.g.lake, pond,well, marsh.

Pure Peace
This set is composed of one Pure Grace Heart and four rose quartz, specially programmed to heal trauma in connection to water.
Suitable sites of
planting include: areas of flooding - e.g sites of tsunamis and river flood plains, sites of ship wrecks and loss of life, old whaling ports, sites of destruction of marine or freshwater life.

Global Coastal Hearts
Pure grace Hearts, launched in 2010, are specially programmed to bring purity, strength and positive flow to the coastal waters to which they are placed and all life forms inhabiting those waters.
The crystals work to bring cleansing and balance to the planets water and all life streams with connection to it, helping to return all to purity, flow and heart connection whilst adding to a growing global network of light as we move towards a new planetary cycle of energy.

Each crystal, or crystal set, includes full instructions for planting - no
previous experience is required.

A good number of these crystals and crystal sets have been planted across the globe over the last four years and
we hope you feel able to join us in crystal planting more of these configurations in the year to come, bringing greater peace, harmony and flow to all.

'May the waters of the Earth flow once more in purity, returning peace and harmony to bring grace to all'

Sarah Louise Forsyth
Jennifer Anne Mole


Wednesday 21 March 2012

The focus of tonight's Crystal Earth Meditation, Wednesday 21st March, 2012 is :

'To heal the aura of the Earth, repairing tears to her energy and bringing greater peace, flow and harmony to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.'

This meditation will use malachite and rose quartz crystals and will be repeated monthly through out 2012. As a positive focus please imagine the Earth as a malachite orb, with rose quartz above below and to either side; images of these crystals are shown below. Thank you, once again, for your connection and help in healing our beautiful, yet energy challenged planet.


Rose Quartz

Inspiring Photograph

Just looking through some old photos of crystals and came across this inspiring one of selenite, so beautiful! In crystal planting, selenite like this is used in planting for release in conjunction with rose quartz and in its specially programmed heart shaped form for a myriad of uses, many of which we are only just beginning to learn about. In personal healing selenite can bring about healing, again, in a myriad of ways, by enhancing flow to the physical body and energy field thus aiding the release of blocks and holding. It can also be used with animals, again to release energy blocks and enhance flow. A truly special crystal.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Meditation For Those Grieving

The focus for tonight's meditation, on Wednesday 14th March 2012 through 8pm GMT is:

'To heal patterns of grief across the globe, with particular connection to children.'

The crystal configuration for this meditation combines a Pure Grace Heart with a Grief Set and celestite. Please use the image of the crystals below as a positive focus.

Further details of how to join in with these meditations are available on the meditation page of the projects website - see links.

Thank you for your connection.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Thank you!

Many thanks to those of you sending in records this week. We have had more of each of the aura's planted towards our goal of 99 of each by 12.12.12. Its always inspiring to hear of your crystal planting adventures and travels!

Tanzine aura for planting to places of creativity

Monday 12 March 2012

Solar Panels and Pyrite Planting

We were very excited to fit solar panels, here at Old Nisthouse recently. This involves having an Inverter in our garage which converts the direct current into alternating current from the system, for transmission to the electrical grid. To guard against the negative effects of the electromagnetic forces associated with this device, I have planted a small, specially programmed fist sized pyrite, within 12 feet of its location. This is the same way a pole mounted electrical transmission box, or on a larger scale a pylon, substation or mobile phone mast would be planted.

Solar Panels, Old Nisthouse


Programmed fist sized Pyrite, ready to plant

Pyrite planted, subsequently covered with earth to a depth of 15cm

Thursday 8 March 2012

Pure Grace Day

The Crystal Earthworks is delighted to celebrate today, the 4th birthday of the 'Pure Grace Heart' .

These beautiful selenite hearts, are a gift of light and can be carried and used for personal healing, meditation and planting to the lands and waters of the Earth. Specially programmed in a high energy environment to bring purity and flow to the bearer or to their place of planting they offer an ever growing myriad of healing opportunities for all.

'Pure Grace Hearts' for personal use, come in gold hemp pouches with accompanying instructions for use.

'Pure Grace Hearts' for planting come in lilac boxes either singly or combined with other crystals for a variety of healing purposes and with full instructions for placing to the Earth.

Please let use know if you would like to know more about this aspect of the 'Crystal Earthworks' work.

In celebration, we will be meditating through 12pm GMT with our personal hearts and there are hearts open for global healing throughout the day so please join us by connecting in with your own heart or by using the image below, through midday or at any other time.

Sarah Louise Forsyth

Jennifer Anne Mole

Pure Grace Heart for Personal or Planetary Healing

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Tonigh's Meditation

On the eve of Pure Grace Day, which celebrates the launch of the Pure Grace Heart, it felt only fitting that the focus for tonight's Meditation, through 8pm GMT should be:

'To send peace and healing across the globe and beyond, through the purity of heart connection.'

This meditation is also repeated on the 1st, 12th and 24th day of each month through midday, through out 2012.

Please use the image of the crystals below, as a positive focus. Hope you can join us!