Thursday 18 July 2024

Aura Planting and Meditations

Thank you to everyone who connected into the weekly Pure Grace Heart Meditation yesterday. I had the gift of joining this later in the day after grasping a break in the weather to plant the beautiful angel aura shown below to the top of Ben Chonzie, our nearest Munro (Scottish mountains over 3000 feet) here in Strathearn. Programmed to ground angelic healing into the Earth and all connecting to their sites of planting, these angel aura are part of Crystal Earthworks ever growing body of global aura planting work to connect and enhance higher energies into the planetary body of the Earth. 

Tonight, 18/07/24, through 8pm, we continue with our Thursday meditations for peace healing and heart connection. Please feel welcome to join us - full details of how to connect in can be found in the Peace Meditation post from 27th June 2024.

View on the way up

Angel aura before planting

Site of planting

Tuesday 9 July 2024

Wednesday Meditations

We continue with our weekly Wednesday Pure Grace Heart meditations tomorrow, 10/07/24, through midday BST. Please feel welcome to join us.

To connect in, simply sit in peace in a quiet place, through the allotted time. Close your eyes and let go of any worries and concerns and then focus on the image of the crystal below and visualise purity, flow and the strength of Divine Feminine connection being veiled to the planetary body of the Earth and her inhabitants for the greatest good of all.

Our Thursday meditations for global peace, healing and heart connection will resume next week.

Pure Grace Heart

Monday 8 July 2024

Gifted Citrine Points

Slowly getting back into things after being unexpectedly laid low and unable to post for a while. During that time the project was gifted these beautiful citrine points by a dear friend, colleague and fellow crystal planter. Although not of the highest quality they are perfect for pairing with amethyst to crystal grid sewage works, sceptic tanks or waste outflows. I’ll be sharing more of how to go about this in the coming weeks as well as actioning some planting work with them. 

Crystal planting work doesn’t need to be expensive as often lower grade crystals such as these points are perfectly adequate. These particular crystals were actually blessed to my friend by a well known crystal supplier enthusiastic about her extensive planting work to enhance her local community and the planet. What a gift - thank you!

Gifted citrine points