Amethyst and Landfill

Amethyst is a beautiful vibrant purple crystal that has a myriad of uses for both personal and planetary healing. Here we look at its relevance in connection to the enormous amount of rubbish we have collectively produced across the planet and which now forms 'sink' areas of negative energy affecting all in their wake and whose emissions also contribute to driving climate change.

As with pyrite planting and usage, in connection with EMF's, it is not just about planting or using crystals in the appropriate ways but about changing our behaviour in the first place. 
In terms of rubbish and crystal planting, it is key we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can first, before we look to using crystals to treat all that remains of that we no longer need. In this area, there have, collectively, been huge strides forward since I first began teaching about this over two decades ago. Opportunities to recycle and reuse goods and packaging are much improved in many parts of the world, consumer pressure is beginning to work to get supermarkets to reassess packaging, and sustainable alternatives and zero waste products have greatly expanded in the last two decades. 
However there is still along way to go and this is an area where each of us can make a powerful contribution to healing our beautiful planet and helping those around us.

Once we have actioned reducing our own levels of waste, as far as possible, we can then use appropriately programmed amethyst to energy grid our homes and our rubbish/recycle areas, and look to similarly grid our local landfill sites and community recycle centres with amethyst.

At the holistic centre in North East Scotland, where we first began this work, we planted the area containing the refuse bin and recycle containers by placing an amethyst to each corner of this outside site, programmed to energy contain the area of waste, absorb the associated negativity and direct it earthwards for transmutation.
On returning home, we then did the same to our own personal rubbish/recycle sites and then gridded our local landfill sites with fist sized amethyst. The amethyst for the landfill sites were programmed for the release and transmutation of negativity and to contain the negative energy emissions within the grid created, protecting both the environment and people adjacent to those areas. We also protected our own homes by gridding them with amethyst programmed for transmutation and protection and encouraged others to do the same.

Landfill sites, like mobile phone masts, pylons and substations, are powerful emitters of negative energy which can greatly impact the health of  those in the their vicinity, especially those who are 'energy' vulnerable - children, the elderly and those who are pregnant. 
As with pyrite planting to negate negative EMF's this is a powerful gift of healing which we can simply action for ourselves and our local communities and in turn help the Earth and all her inhabitants.

If you are interested in actioning this work in your local area, please visit for further information.
Programmed sets of crystals for some of these purposes will be available in 2024 through our sister site Starlight Crystals.

Amethyst points suitable to energy grid a 
home rubbish/ recycle area 
always plant with point vertically upwards)
Fist sized amethyst suitable to energy grid landfill 
(up to ten can be used)