Tuesday 27 November 2018

Helping Those In Distress

The crystal carin at Old Nisthouse Harray, Orkney, has been redirected to help all in distress across the globe. Please feel free to connect in to it at any time through meditation, positive thought or prayer.
If you would like it to be directed, for a time, to help a particular area or group of people who are in difficulty, please let us know.

Monday 26 November 2018

Tonight's Meditation

Tonight's Crystal Earth Meditation, through 8pm GMT, will focus on sending peace and healing to the Earth and her inhabitants using a heart shaped chunk of rose quartz. Hope you can join us from where ever you are based across the globe!

Crystal Planting Edinburgh UK

Beautiful Angel Aura planted 20/11/18to Greyfriar's kirkyard, Edinburgh. This is the place where a Skye Terrier called Bobby became famous for guarding his masters grave for 14 years in the mid 1800's.
A robin started singing in the tree beneath which the crystal was placed immediately after the planting.

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Help for California

The Amethyst Cairn here at Old Nisthouse, Harray, Orkney has been redirected to help the lands and people of California in light of the ongoing wild fires in the region. May hope and strength be with all.
Please feel free to connect to the cairn at any time through meditation, positive thought, or prayer to  support all in distress. Each connection empowers the healing work of the cairn and crystals within it.

Friday 9 November 2018

16th Birthday Meditation

There will be special meditation this Sunday, 11th November, through 11am GMT, to mark Crystal Earthworks 16th birthday and Armistice day. This meditation will use the beautiful crystal configuration shown below, focusing on global peace and heart connection.
We welcome you to join us in meditation, positive thought or prayer from where ever you are based by simply visualising the crystals using the focus given.
May peace and heart connection be with all.

Thursday 8 November 2018

Planting Fracking Area, UK

Ceinwyn Thomas and Louise Edwards Crystal Planted the Fracking Site at Preston New Road Lancs, at the beginning of November, 2018. They planted for 'Protection, To Positise, For Peace and to Align all to Protect the Environment'. Many thanks to them!

Crystal Planting Glasgow

Catching up on planting records after unexpected time off!
Celestite dust scattered to periphery of Botanic Gardens.
Tanzine/Topaz auras planted to Kelvin Grove Art Gallery and Museum.
Tanzine aura planted to Glasgow School of Art in Garnet Hill park. Ongoing healing work being carried out to this area since second fire in Macintosh building.
Tanzine aura planted to Lighthouse - centre for Design and Architecture.