Cleansing Crystals

An essential part of working with crystals is knowing how to cleanse them. As well as radiating out positive energy, crystals act like sponges, absorbing negative energy to a maximum capacity. If they are not then cleansed, they can then leak that negative energy back into the environment to which they have been placed, or to the person or animal wearing the crystal.  This can then exacerbate the very issues they have been placed to heal, thus the importance of regular cleansing cannot be emphasised enough!

There are many ways to do this, however simple guidelines are best when first beginning to work with these powerful tools of healing and are just as effective as more complex techniques.


Most crystals are best cleansed by placing in water for a minimum of three hours, preferably 

overnight and then drying. Spring water is ideal for this due to its purity, however cold tap water will suffice. For softer crystals such as selenite or celestite, rinsing under running water is preferable to soaking as they tend to soften, crumble and lose their lustre when placed in water for any length of time. Jewellery, which is silver mounted is also best rinsed, as the silver tends to tarnish if constantly placed in contact with water. Rinsed crystals should be rested for a minimum of three hours, preferably overnight, before further use. 

Crystals cleansing in water

Mounted pendants and softer crystals may also be cleansed by placing to an amethyst bed, or to a salt platter. These methods are preferable for softer crystals, where they are being used frequently, as any regular contact with water can also damage the surface of such crystals.

An amethyst bed is a natural piece of amethyst quartz crystal points in a comparatively flat open shape that you may safely rest crystals upon. Place the amethyst bed with the crystals for cleansing on it in a place of natural light, for a minimum of three hours (maximum twelve hours), a windowsill is ideal. The amethyst in connection with the natural light draws and absorbs any negative energy from the crystals placed to it.  After use, cleanse the amethyst bed itself by soaking it in water for twelve hours, and then return it to a place of natural light to recharge.   

Pendant cleansing on amethyst bed

To cleanse a crystal using a salt platter, simply take a glass plate at least 15cm/6” in diameter and cover with coarse grained sea salt. Then place a clean white or natural 100 % cotton or linen cloth on the salt bed and place the crystals to be cleansed on the cloth. Leave the platter in natural light for a minimum of three hours. The crystals are then ready for use or can be placed to rest. Dispense the salt after use and wash the cloth. Up to three pendants or similar or one larger crystal chunk can be cleansed in this way at a time.

Celestite cleansing on a salt platter

After cleansing a crystal in water, where possible, allow it to dry in natural sunlight or moonlight. However, if it is more practical, pat it dry preferably with a white, natural fibre cloth or towel, kitchen towel is useful. Where possible, white, natural fibres are best for drying, in energy terms, because their purity of colour and natural composition resonates well with the energy of the crystals. Likewise, clear glass containers, are best for soaking crystals.

The frequency of cleansing is also key.

Crystals worn or carried require to be cleansed regularly, every two to three days, or daily, overnight, if they are working hard.

Crystals used in meditation should always be cleansed immediately after use. Placing them in water or rinsing them also serves to close their energy.

Crystals used in the home, school or workplace generally require to be cleansed weekly.

If a crystal is working very hard, such as a pyrite crystal for a computer or mobile phone, which is in constant use, then more frequent and longer cleansing is required. In such instances, a second crystal is often useful to rotate with the first, so that each crystal has the opportunity to rest and yet the appliance with which they are used, has a crystal with it at all times.

Crystals placed or planted outside are cleansed by the elements and therefore no further action is required.

Finally, always cleanse crystals when you first purchase them, for at least 12 hours before using, for they will have connected with many different energies on their journey from their source to 



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