Monday 29 February 2016

Meditation for All In Distress Across The Globe

Tonight's meditation, through 8pm GMT will use the crystal cairn at Old Nisthouse, here in Orkney, with the focus:

'To help all in distress across the globe.'

Hope you can join us from where ever you are based.

Crystal Cairn, Old Nisthouse, Orkney.

Sunrise Yesterday

Sunrise here in Orkney, yesterday, so beautiful!

Monday 15 February 2016

Tonight's Meditation

Continuing our present theme of meditations for peace and healing, the focus for this weeks Crystal Earth meditation, through 8pm is:

'To send peace and healing to children across the globe.'

This meditation will use the the heart shaped rose quartz shown below. 
Hope you can join us, please go to the relevant page in the 'Work' section  on our website for how to go about this:

Heart shaped rose quartz

Monday 8 February 2016

Wintry Weather

Wintry feel to the weather here in Orkney!

View from Old Nithouse, Harray, Orkney

Meditation for Peace

The focus for tonight's meditation is:

'To send peace and healing to the Earth and her inhabitants'

This meditation will use the heart shaped chunk of rose quartz show below.

Heart shaped rose quartz

Monday 1 February 2016

Crystal Earth meditation for the First of The Month

Tonight's weekly Crystal Earth Meditation, through 8pm GMT coincides with our special 1st of the month meditations to be held throughout 2016. the focus is:

'To send positive flow and heart connection to the Earth and her inhabitants through right endeavour.'

This meditation will use a configuration of Pure Grace Hearts and chrysocolla, please simply use the image below of a single Pure Grace Heart to connect in.

This meditation will be repeated on the first of each month throughout 2016. We hope you can join us.