Thursday 26 September 2019

Meditation for Global Peace Healing and Unity

This weeks Crystal Earth Meditation, tonight through 8pm BST, focuses on peace, healing and unity for the Earth and her inhabitants.
This meditation will use the beautiful crystal configuration shown below, comprised of a Pure Grace Heart (selenite) for flow to the physical, rose quartz for peace and healing and unikite for unity.
All are welcome to join us by simply visualising the crystals in meditation, positive thought or prayer from where ever you are based through the allotted time.

Thursday 19 September 2019

Crystal Planting, Tramway, Glasgow

Visited Tramway and the The Hidden Gardens whilst in Glasgow recently and planted these beautiful aqua aura and tanzine aura crystals to enhance spiritual connection and creativity respectively. Celeste Fairy Dust was also scattered, 10/09/19.
Tramway is an amazing international art space supporting a wide range of art events and The Hidden Gardens is an award winning award-winning public greenspace and community development organisation, both are located in Pollokshields, one of Scotland’s most diverse communities.
The Hidden Gardens exists to promote understanding between people of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds and celebrates the universal spirit of nature.
Glasgow's beautiful Sikh Gurdwara is also located to adjacent to the site.

Meditation For Planetary Healing

On the eve of the Global Climate Change Strike our Crystal Earth Meditation tonight, 19/09/19 through 8pm BST, will focus on planetary healing using the plancheite and Pure Grace Heart configuration used in previous months. This crystal combination flows much needed healing light to the the Earth's planetary body and energy field thus benefitting all, as well as opening up connections to positive actions and solutions to our present climate challenge at personal, community and planetary levels.
All are welcome to join us in meditation, positive thought or prayer through the allotted time, from where ever you are based by visualising the crystals shown below.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Crystal Planting Near Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

Further crystal planting work done in Glasgow recently with a Rose Heart of Light for Planting placed to the base of a tree in Garnet Hill Urban Park, in the vicinity of Glasgow School of Art, 9/09/19. These specially programmed crystals bring peace and healing to all in their wake.

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Crystal Planting Work Inverness -shire, Scotland

Came across this beautiful place during recent travels. Daviot church, lies about six miles outside Inverness, and has been a site of worship for many centuries. Planted an Aqua Aura for spiritual connection and a personal Rose Heart of Light for Peace and Healing to the site which has links to Elgin Cathedral and is not far from the battlefield of Culloden.

Thursday 5 September 2019

Meditation Tonight For all Affected by Extreme Weather Events

Tonight's meditation through 8pm BST will focus on sending help to all in distress across the globe as a result of extreme weather events. This meditation will use the crystal cairn here at Old Nisthouse, Orkney, which combines amethyst, selenite, rose quartz and unikite crystals to bring strength, peace, healing and positive connections to where ever it is directed. 
The cairn was redirected to this wider focus today.
Please feel free to join us in helping all those in such need, in particular all affected by Hurricane Dorian at this time. Simply connect in by visualising the cairn in meditation, positive thought or prayer.
The cairn will remain programmed in this way over the next week and can be connected to at anytime as well as through the meditation.

Thank you for your support.

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Help For Those Affected by Hurricane Dorian

The amethyst crystal cairn here at Old Nisthouse, Harray, Orkney, shown below, has been redirected today to help all affected by Hurricane Dorian, in particular the Bahamas and the Florida coastline. The cairn can be connected to at any time in meditation, positive thought or prayer to help all in need from where ever you are based. Please feel free to join us in empowering this healing light.

Sunday 1 September 2019

Crystal Planting, Hoy, Orkney, Scotland

Finally caught up on planting records! Our final trip was to the island of Hoy here in Orkney to photograph mountain hares, 12/08/2019. The beautiful angel aura shown below was planted to the top of Ward Hill, Orkney's highest point and a site of previous crystal planting. The Hoy Hills are one of my favourite places in the far North of Scotland especially on such a beautiful day as this one.