Monday 25 April 2016

Meditation for Nepal

It is exactly a year ago today that a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, resulting in many deaths and many loosing their homes, schools and even whole communities. Despite a huge relief effort in terms of funding, most Nepalis are yet to receive any help and have been left destitute and are still living in makeshift tents and shelters. Tonight's meditation is for them and the lands on which they are ekeing out an existence.

The meditation will use  a combination of Pure Grace Heart's and angel aura. Please use the image  below of angel aura as a focus for meditation, prayer and positive thought for the land's and people of Nepal.

Thank you.

Angel Aura

Monday 18 April 2016

Help for Earthquake Victims

The focus for tonight's Crystal Earthworks meditation, through 8pm GMT is:

'To send help to all those in distress across the globe as a result of recent and previous Earthquakes.'

This meditation is in response to the recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador and for the people of Nepal who continue to struggle to rebuild their lives after last year's earthquake to the region, as well as those who continue to recover as a result of previous earth tremors.

Hope you can join us using the image of the crystal cairn at Old Nisthouse here in Orkney as a focus for meditation, positive thoughts or prayers. Thank you.

Amethyst Cairn, Old Nisthouse, Orkney


Lots of exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Crystal Earthworks recently, with work on the project's forthcoming book Crystal Clear, further interest in our Pyrite Planting Project, the launch of a  set of sponsored Aqua Aura and of course some amazing planting work. Further details to follow!