Wednesday 21 July 2010

Crystal Earth Meditations July 21st and 28th

The focus for tonight's Crystal Earth Meditation, 21st July 2010 is:

'To send peace and healing to the Earth and her inhabitants.'

This meditation will use a rose quartz chunk, please use the image below as a positive focus.

The focuse for the Crystal Earth Meditation on Wednesday 28th July 2010 is a continuation of our work to help bees across the planet..

This meditation is being repeated every other month throughout 2010. The focus is:

' To send strength to bees across the Globe'

The crystal focus for this meditation will be a Pure Strength Set
combined with amber. Please use the image below as a positive focus.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Meditation and Thank You

The focus for tonights Crystal Earth Medititation, Wednesday 14th July is:

'To heal patterns of
grief across the globe.'

The crystal configuration for this meditation combines a Pure Grace Heart with a Grief Set and celestite.

This meditation completes a set of three meditations in recent weeks focusing on helping to heal grief patterns at an individual, community and Global level.

For further information about how to join in with these meditations from where ever you are based please visit the projects website - see links.

Thank you for your connection.

A big thank you to every one who has ordered crystals or sent in records of crystal plantings over the last two weeks - it is very inspiring to see the work continuing to grow and recognise the healing that each crystal placement is bringing to the Earth and her inhabitants.