Amethyst Amulets

To protect against the negative energy soup we are all living in at this time, both from negative electromagnetic energies and other sources such as landfill,  amethyst can be worn or carried as a personal crystal amulet.

I have been carrying one of these for over twenty years now and wouldn't dream of going anywhere without it. I feel it has made a tremendous difference to my health and wellbeing. 

Programmed (respectively asked) to transmute negative environmental energies and protect the user from them.
A small to medium sized tumbled piece is perfectly adequate, is inexpensive and can be placed in a pocket, worn as jewellery or pinned to clothing in a silk purse.

Anyone can use these, and in pregnancy it is especially important in order to protect both the mother and the sensitive developing energy of the unborn foetus.

For young children, or anyone uncomfortable with carrying a crystal a small fist sized amethyst can be placed to the bedroom or sleeping place, a window sill is ideal, programmed to transmute negative collected energies from the room or space and those within and to protect them from negative environmental energies. Amethyst dragon eggs are good for this but rough cut amethyst chunks can also be used as long as there is no directional point. 

I have used these with my own children to powerful effect and now as adults they chose to do this for themselves.

Regular cleansing, overnight in water, is key however, as with all crystals worn, carried, or used in the home. Nightly for those carried, weekly for room crystals.
When crystals are working hard they become saturated with the negative energies they are absorbing and if not regularly cleansed will begin to drip those energies back onto the user or into the environment, thus magnifying rather than negating the challenges for which they have been placed. A good analogy of this, is that of a sponge absorbing water to its maximum capacity and then dripping water back out once it is saturated.

Personal Amethysts, programmed and used as described will set up an energy circuit of protection around the body - a protective energy bubble. Room amethysts build this same energy whilst someone is sleeping or present in its vicinity thus over time creating a sustained energy sheath or shield. In children it also serves to strengthen their developing energy and in adults render them less vulnerable to disease.

Amethyst pieces suitable for personal and room use
to protect against negative environmental energies

If you would like to programme your own amethyst pieces for protection against negative environmental energies, an action sheet and brief guide to crystals and their care is available on request from
Ready programmed amethyst amulets are now available on Instagram through our sister site: @starlight__crystals

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