Friday 30 March 2018

Good Friday Meditation for Peace

There will be a special meditation through 3pm GMT today, Good Friday, focusing on Peace using a single Rose Heart Of Light.

Thursday 29 March 2018

Thank You!

As we near the end of a busy March I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been out crystal planting, shared planting records, or held meditations this month. It is lovely to see so much work going on to help our beautiful planet and her inhabitants. Also to all connecting to the meditations or simply reading these posts, every one of these actions opens doors for much needed positive change!

Monday 26 March 2018

Meditation for Global Peace and Healing

Just a reminder that we have the fourth of our meditations for Global Peace and Healing tonight through 8pm BST. Please use the beautiful Pure Peace Set shown below as a positive focus.

Monday 19 March 2018

Tonights Meditation

Beautiful Pure peace set shown below is the focus for our meditation for Global Peace and Healing tonight through 8pm GMT. Hope you can join us!

Planting for Peace to Ganges River

Sunday 11th March Planting for Peace into the Mother Ganga an hour after midday. The planter became very aware of these little birds singing loudly above them and bells ringing behind them. The birds seemed to be diving down to the area in the water where a crystal had been placed.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Crystal Planting Granada

Lovely to hear so many of you are out there actively crystal planting and making the world a better place for all!
Further records form our industrious 'Spanish' crystal planter, all in Granada, Spain.
19/ 01/18 Tanzine Aura at Isabel La Catolica Theatre, Granada at 20.40 approx (Spanish Time).
3/02/18 Aqua aura to Abbey of Sacramonte (sacred mountain), where 5th Gospel discovered on lead discs in stone holes. The next day there was the Saint Cecil Feast Day fair to the site,
 to which just about everyone in Granada goes and it snowed in the evening.
11/03/18 2 rose auras, one to Alhambra 2.40pm and one to Albayzin 5.25pm, (both Spanish time). These two plantings were followed by a double rainbow over the valley linking the two sites - how beautiful!
12/03/18, 9.50am Spanish time, topaz aura to primary school in the Albayzin, which is next to a village library and opposite a language school, as well as being in the vicinity of St Nicholas' church where an aqua Aura was planted last year. The site is the focal point of the Albayzin which is directly opposite the Alhambra and was there before the Alhambra was built. The Phoenicians and Romans were there first too - a key historic site!
Photos show Sacramonte Abbey, replicas of lead dis
cs of 5th Gospel and stone holes in which discs found.

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Crystal Planting Community Garden Penzance

Posting a record of crystal planting from last August - sorry for delay somehow missed this as was pointed out to me yesterday -thank you for letting me know!
Fairy cross planted to base of tree opposite bench used for quiet contemplation in Community Garden, Penzance, Cornwall, England, 15.40pm 8/8/17.
'Fairy Dust' also scattered in and around pond area in wild part of same garden beyond gate.
Photos show tree base, bench and gate with area beyond.
Thank you so much for this beautiful planting!

Monday 12 March 2018

Tonight's Meditation

Tonight, through 8pm GMT, is the second of our set of four weekly meditations leading up to Easter with a focus on global peace and healing. Please use the beautiful 'Pure Peace Set' shown below as a focus for meditation, positive thought or prayer, through the allotted time, from where ever you are based.
With gratitude, as always, for everyone's continued connection, and for those of you new to helping others in this way welcome!

Tuesday 6 March 2018

River Clyde Crystal Planting

Rose heart of light planted into the river Clyde, Glasgow, Scotland, from the suspension bridge over the river, 27/2/18. As with the aura plantings to Glasgow (see previous posts), this crystal planting felt like healing for the whole city. Photos show the bridge and a Rose Heart of Light.

Glasgow Necropolis Crystal Planting

Tanzine and topaz aura planted to Glasgow necropolis, Scotland, 27/2/18. This site is next to Glasgow cathedral and it felt as if all five crystals planted to this area would radiate their beauty to all across the city. Photos show crystals, site of planting and view from the necropolis to the cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral Crystal Planting

Rose aura, aqua aura and angel aura planted to Glasgow, Scotland  Cathedral 27/02/18. Images are of crystals, tree where crystals planted with cathedral in back ground and inside of cathedral. A beautiful and powerful place!

Monday 5 March 2018

Meditations for Global Peace and Healing

Tonight, through 8pm GMT, is the first of our set of four weekly meditations leading up to Easter with a focus on global peace and healing. These meditations will use the beautiful 'Pure Peace Set' shown below which comprises of four Rose hearts of Light in configuration with a Pure Grace Heart.
Hope you can join us for one or all of these meditations by simply using this crystal configuration as a focus for meditation, positive thought or prayer, through the allotted time, from where ever you are based. 
With gratitude, as always, for your support and connection and for helping our beautiful planet and her inhabitants in these challenging times for all.