Car Crystals

Every time we get in a vehicle and travel we are damaging the planet and her inhabitants through the negative emissions produced, thus creating karma for ourselves, unless we are actively working to reduce and negate those emissions. So what can we do?

Firstly, we can take steps to reduce our car use and thus the environmental damage we create by car sharing, combining reasons to travel and using alternative forms of transport where possible. Then we can choose the most environmentally friendly car suited to our needs and purchasing power. Finally we can use crystals in any car we drive to absorb and transmute the negative emissions produced thus taking personal responsibility for our karmic impact.

To negate the negative energy emissions of your vehicle using crystals (unless it is electric), you will require two appropriately programmed smoky quartz dragon eggs and two appropriately programmed rose quartz dragon eggs as shown below, rounded chunks of rose quartz are also suitable. Never use pieces that are pointed or have any kind of directional feature on them as car crystals, this is especially important for the smoky quartz.  All the crystals require to be at least 4cm / 11/2" in diameter, slightly larger where possible if you are regularly driving your vehicle long distances.

Smoky and rose quartz dragon eggs

Having four crystals in this way will enable you to have two sets of car crystals, each set comprised of one smoky quartz and one rose quartz. Two sets are best, so that each set can be cleansed weekly, and then rested for a week whilst the other is in place, ensuring you always have crystals in the vehicle. It also allows the crystals a period to recharge given that they will be working very hard. 

Regular cleansing, by placing the crystals in a glass container of water overnight, is essential, or instead of reducing the negative environmental impact of your vehicle you will magnify it. For crystals act like sponges absorbing negative energy to their point of saturation and then dripping those energies back out into the environment unless appropriately cleansed.

To programme the rose quartz, cleanse it, and then hold it in your right palm and ask that it may veil your car with peace and that you may flow with peace, harmony and positivity wherever you travel. Place it in the front of your car as centrally as possible - I have used ash trays, glove compartments, drinks holders and even a cool compartment for this, the only prerequisite is that the space is clutter free so that the energy of the crystal can be free flowing. 

To programme the smoky quartz, cleanse it, and then hold it in your right palm and ask that it may absorb of all the negative energy emissions from your car that you may release positively and responsibly of  your karmic residue wherever you go, that it may be released into the earth for transmutation through the aid of the crystal. 

Thank the Light, the Earth and the crystal for this healing gift for it is a great blessing to our planet at this time.

The smoky quartz can then be placed in the boot/trunk of the car, again centrally where possible. I place mine in the spare tyre compartment, covered by the boot lining, if you can't wedge it centrally it can be taped in place. 

It is best to place both the crystals in protective pouches to stop them from getting damaged or chipped which would affect their energy flow. I use large silk purses which are readily available and also work well with the flow of the crystal.

Silk purses

If you have a hybrid or electric car it is also best to place a chunk of programmed pyrite at least 6cm (two and a half inches) in diameter inside the car in the vicinity of the battery to protect the occupants of the car and the environment from any negative electromagnetic emissions.

To programme the pyrite, cleanse and then hold in your right palm and ask that it absorbs all negative electromagnetic emissions from the battery and electrical system of the car veiling the interior of the car with pure, clear, harmonious energy and its occupants with the energy of peace and protection.

Put the programmed pyrite in a protective pouch and place to the interior of the car as near to the battery as possible. This will vary depending on the make of your car and whether it is a hybrid or electric vehicle. Don’t forget to cleanse it weekly overnight in water. As with the other car crystals it is best if you can to have two programmed pyrite chunks which can then be used alternatively so the crystals have a chance to rest as they will again be working very hard. 

Pyrite Chispa

If you are not used to working with crystals and experiencing their amazing healing effects, this may all sound very fantastical. However, I know from my own experiences, and that of many others that these crystals do work, and offer an invaluable opportunity to tread more lightly to the Earth.

Please Note: To programme your crystals to greatest effect, it is important to cleanse and align yourself and the space you are in first. This is simply done by stopping and being still, and then asking the Light (Universal /Cosmic energy) that all negativity be cleansed from your being and the room/space you are in, and that the negativity is released to the Earth for transmutation, and then that you and the room/space are filled with positivity. Then you are ready to begin.


All crystals also require cleansing both before programming and regularly when in use, weekly in the case of these car crystals. Cleansing is essential, as stated, to avoid the crystals becoming saturated with negative energy which can then drip back into the environment. To cleanse the car crystals simply place them in a glass bowl of water overnight, pat dry with a clean natural fibre cloth and then rest them until you are ready to reprogramme and reuse.

 Crystals new to you are best cleansed for a minimum of twelve hours in this way before use, as they will have connected with many different energies on their journey to you!


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