Wednesday 28 November 2007

Seal Pup Sandsend

Just to let you know that the seal pup seen stranded at Sandsend on Sunday was no longer there on Monday evening when my young daughters insisted we went to check on its progress! It was dark when we got there so difficult to search further than the slipway where it had been resting but hopefully it has been able to return to the sea or found a less vulnerable waiting place - I will add an update if there is any further news.

Monday 26 November 2007

Meditation For Whales

An additional Crystal Earth meditation to send help to all whales in Antarctic waters and the waters of the Western North Pacific was held on Thursday the 22nd of November. This was in response to news of boats setting out from Japan earlier that week to hunt these beautiful animals. This meditation will be repeated on the 22nd of the month for the next four months to cover the full hunting period of five months. Please join us for any of these meditations and simply visualise the whales held in light. Thank you.

On a more local note yet connected to marine life a further meditation to send healing for shock was held last night for a seal pup which had been stranded on the slip way at Sandsend, North Yorkshire, England in huge seas. The pup looked well, just a little tired but The Sea Life centre at Scarborough who rescue seals along the North Yorkshire coast was alerted just in case.

Friday 23 November 2007

Trip to York and Aura Plantings

Its been a quieter week for records this week, however I had a fruitful trip to York yesterday on behalf of the project to visit potential teaching venues and also did some crystal planting in the vicinity of York Minster. This work included the planting of a specially programmed aqua aura as apart of the Community Aqua Aura planting project. (Please visit website for further details of this project). I went in the Minster afterwards and it felt to be such a haven of peace and tranquility after the hustle and bustle of the city - a special and very beautiful place indeed.

A specially programmed tanzine aura was also planted in the vicinity of Duff house in Banff, Scotland yesterday - this was part of the preliminary work for two new aura planting projects to be launched in January 2008.

The project is working with aqua, tanzine and topaz aura crystals at the moment - they are all so beautiful and feel to hold key energies for our planet and her inhabitants at this time as we move from the astrological age of Pisces into Aquarius and face the energetic challenges that brings.

Monday 19 November 2007

Latest news

It has been a productive week for the Crystal Earthworks with a meditation to send peace and alignment to children at the Peace Sanctuary in Ripponden West Yorkshire, England last Wednesday ( Crystal Earth Meditations take place on the second Wednesday of each month from this location - please see the projects website - meditation page for further details), crystal planting work has been taking place in North Yorkshire, Poland and London and records have been received for the planting of further Rose Hearts of Light to coastal waters in Scotland and the south of England.

In connection with the planting work for Coastal Waters of the United Kingdom and Ireland, the following inspiring record was sent in for Plymouth Harbour12th October 2007 10.35am:

I put one in the harbour area at Plymouth. I was waiting for the ferry and this was my only opportunity. I was worried that it was not an ideal place. I felt to throw it gently into the reflection of the sun on the surface of the water. There was a series of concentric circles which expanded until they reached land, Usually the ripples form a series of hearts, so this surprised me. Then, the water became still and a heart shape, at least a metre across, composed of circular bubbles each the size of a 2 pound coin, formed in the place where the sun had been and the heart had been placed. Next, all the bubbles faded,at the same time and the water became smooth and still and it was amazing!'

If you are interested in helping with this particular planting work in any way please visit the community planting page on The Crystal Earthworks website.

The focus for tonights Crystal Earth Meditation led from Glaisdale, North Yorkshire, England is:

'To send strength and flow to the people of southern Bangladesh at this time of need'

This meditation will use a combination of selenite and amethyst crystals - hope you are able to join us in sending help to those in this area of our planet struggling to recover from the recent cyclone.

Sunday 11 November 2007

Crystal Earthworks Birthday

Today, the 11th of November is The Crystal Earthworks fifth birthday and it feels very fitting that the projects blog is launched live with public access on this day.

There is a special Birthday Meditation this morning through 11am and all are welcome to join in with this from where ever you are based across the globe. Please simply follow the alignment instructions given on the projects website - Crystal Earth meditation page (see links) and visualise or use a single white rose as a focus, symbolising the greater purity, peace and love the project and its work and all connected with that work can bring to our planet and her inhabitants over its next five year cycle.

Thank you for your connection!

Selenite heart to bring purity, peace and love through flow