Wednesday 18 July 2018

Crystal Planting Mallorca

Pure Source Set planted at water source of Silvana, a healing retreat centre in Mallorca. Planted 5/6/18 at 18h.
Many thanks to Jacqueline for this beautiful planting and for sending in the record!


Monday 16 July 2018

Meditations to Heal the Earth's Aura

Tonight, 16th July, 2018 through 8pm BST, we begin a series of three Crystal Earth Meditations to heal the Earth's energy field. The next two meditations will follow at the same time on Monday the 23rd and 30th of July.
The focus is:
'To heal the aura of the Earth, repairing tears to her energy and bringing greater peace, flow and harmony to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.'
This meditation will use chrysocolla malachite and rose quartz crystals as shown below. Thank you to all for your continued connection and support in healing our beautiful, yet energy challenged planet.

Monday 9 July 2018

Crystal Earth Meditation Tonight

Tonight, through 8pm BST, we have the third in our series of Peace Meditations.
The focus this week is for all across the globe suffering from a sense of loss.
Once again we shall use a beautiful 'Pure Peace' set as shown below. All are welcome to join us from where ever they are based by simply visualising the crystals in meditation, positive thought or prayer through the allotted time.
These meditations are a powerful way of helping others in need, and each person connecting helps to strengthen the healing the crystals can bring.

Monday 2 July 2018

Peace Meditation for those in conflict

The second in our series of Peace Meditations is held tonight, through 8pm BST. The focus this week is for all those in conflict across the globe. This can be used in an individual, community or global context and will centre on a beautiful 'Pure Peace' set as shown below. Feel free to join us in meditation, positive thought or prayer through the aloted time by simply visualising the crystals.
May peace be with us all.