Pure Earth Sets

The Pure Earth Sets were launched on 22nd April, World Earth Day, 2008. Both sets incorporate a beautiful Pure Grace Heart to the centre, facilitating flow and connection to the divine feminine and have proved key in our global planting work to heal and strengthen the planetary body. The sets are as follows:

This combines a Pure Grace Heart with four malachite. It is a configuration to bring about healing, alignment and strength to the natural world and can be planted to facilitate cleansing, strength, renewal, growth, regeneration, vitality and flow. It has a particular relevance to trees, the great supporters of life on our planet, yet also helps to support natural webs of life and ecosystems at all levels. Suitable sites of planting include forests, woodland, copses, National Parks, wildlife parks, nature reserves and sites of special scientific interest.

Original Pure Strength Set

This combines a Pure Grace Heart with four rubies. This crystal configuration brings about  healing to the lands, earth and inhabitants of its place of planting, promoting the flow of physical and emotional nourishment, sustenance and abundance. It can be planted to promote and sustain soil fertility, placed to areas of deprivation and poverty, and has both rural and urban applications.

Original Pure Earth Set
These sets are part of an ever growing body of crystal planting, healing and meditation work, with Pure Grace Hearts at the centre, continuing to be jointly developed by Jennifer Anne Mole and myself

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