Thursday 26 June 2008

Planting For Peace and Healing

What greater gift than peace and healing can we each bestow to any living thing on our planet or indeed to the planet itself ?

Two trips have been planned this week to plant crystals locally to do just that,
one to a local school and one to a visitor centre. This way of working is simple, inexpensive and highly effective. It uses a crystal configuration know as the peace circuit which comprises of four specially programmed fist sized rose quartz which are then placed into the earth to the four corners of a site, preferably to north, south east and west but this is not essential. The crystals then act together to veil the area they grid and all within that area with peace and gentle healing.

Some of the places crystal planted to date in this way are former battlefields, hospitals, sites of terrorist attack, riding stables, play areas, parks, homes or areas of housing where emotional difficulties have been experienced, former slaughter house,nature reserve, accident black spots, former workhouse - the list is endless.
Just as anyone can safely wear a rose quartz, any where can be planted in this way with rose quartz to the greater benefit of all.

Currently, sets of programmed crystals for peace and healing and a leaflet to guide the planting are available by mail order from the Crystal Earthworks and are suitable for anyone to use - no previous experience of using crystals or planting them is required. You can also learn to programme your own crystals by taking part in one of the projects courses - please visit the Crystal Earthworks website for further details.

'Crystal Clear',
the book I am currently writing on behalf of the project also includes clear instructions on how to programme crystals to bring about peace and healing as well as many other crystal planting configurations, for a variety of purposes. More details of this in a later posting.

Monday 16 June 2008

Crystal Earth Meditation

The focus for tonight's Crystal Earth Meditation is:

'For greater harmony for planet Earth and all whom inhabit her.'

This meditation will use a 'Pure Harmony' circuit which brings together a Pure Grace Heart and four snow quartz which will, on appropriate programming, then work together to bring greater harmony to all in their wake. Please use the image of a Pure grace Heart below as a a positive focus.

The Crystal Earthworks meditations are open for all to join in where ever you are based across the globe. If you would like to connect in but are new to working with us in this way please visit the projects website - meditation and news pages- for further information (see links).

Thank you for your connection.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Pyrite Planting for Mobile Phone Masts and Pylons

Further crystal planting work, in connection with the effects of mobile phone masts and pylons, is taking place in North and West Yorkshire over the next few weeks. If you are interested in planting crystals to negate the negative effects on health of mobile phone masts, pylons, sub stations, please get in touch.

Meditation for Animals

There will be a meditation for animals, tonight at the Peace Sanctuary in Ripponden, West Yorkshire England. The focus is:

'To bring peace and nourishment to all the animals of the Earth'

This meditation will use rose quartz. Please use the image of rose quartz below as a positive focus if you are able to connect in where ever you are across the Globe - further details of how to go about this if you are new to working in this way are available on the Meditation page of The Crystal Earthworks website - see links. Thank you for your connection.

Monday 2 June 2008

Crystal Earth Meditation for the Children of the Earth

The focus for tonight's Crystal Earth Meditation is:

'To send peace, strength and healing to all the children of the Earth'

This meditation will utilise rose quartz and celestite - the image of rose quartz below is provided as a positive focus.

We hope you can join us in helping all those children in need across our planet at this time - please go to the link to the projects website for further details of this way of working.