Thursday 24 September 2015

Help For those seeking refuge in Europe

The focus for tonight's meditation is: 

'To send peace, strength and positive connections to all those seeking refuge in Europe'

This meditation will use a combination of a Pure Grace Heart, chrysocolla, rose quartz and celestite.
Please use the image below as a positive focus.

Thank you for your connection.

Beautiful Autumn Day!

It's a beautiful autumn day here, with plenty of sunshine and crystal clear skies.  Below is the view from the cliffs at Birsay on the West Mainland of Orkney, Scotland this morning.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Tonight's Meditation

The focus for tonight's meditation is:

'To heal grief patterns across the globe'

This meditation is in connection with all those who have lost not only loved ones, but their homes, lands and even countries through natural causes, civil disrest and war.
The meditation will use a Pure Grief Set combined with 12 celestite as shown below. 

Hope you can join us.

Crystal configuration for grief meditation

Tuesday 15 September 2015

To celebrate my birthday yesterday, I planted three pyrite crystals around the standing stone in our garden, here in Orkney, to empower the global potential of the pyrite planting work.

Standing stone at Old Nisthouse, Orkney

Pyrite crystals planted

Thursday 10 September 2015

Help for Japan

Many thanks to all of you connecting into our weekly Crystal Earth Meditations and helping those in need across the globe in the challenging times we all face. Tonight's focus through GMT 8pm is:

'To send peace and healing to the lands and people of Japan'

This is in light of the recent flooding in this region. This meditation will use the heart shaped chunk of rose quartz shown below.

Heart shaped rose quartz

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Crystal Planting

Gary Prescott kindly planted a Pure Grace Heart for Coastal Waters off Sumburgh Head, Shetland, Scotland on his way to Fair Isle yesterday. He is bravely cycling around all the RSPB reserves in the UK to raise money for charity and break one or two birding records on the way. Please visit the Biking Birder Link if you are interested in finding out more about his journey.

Pure Grace Heart for Coastal Waters,
 with Sumburgh head in the background

Thursday 3 September 2015

Tonight's Meditation

Tonight, through 8pm GMT, we will continue with our focus:

 'To send help to all in distress in connection with the current migrant crisis in Europe.' 

This will use the amethyst cairn at Old Nisthouse, the project's base here in Orkney.
Please continue to meditate in connection with the cairn from where ever you are based across the globe, or send positive thoughts or prayers . Thank you for your connection.

Amethyst Cairn, Old Nisthouse, Orkney