Saturday 22 March 2008

Crystal Planting The Waters Of Planet Earth

It is with the greatest pleasure that The Crystal Earthworks can announce today in celebration of World Water day 2008 the launch of a new community crystal planting project:

'Waters of Pure Grace'

This project embodies the use of three new specially programmed crystal planting configurations to help heal the waters of our energy challenged planet. These crystal sets offer a unique opportunity for anyone across the globe to plant crystals to heal areas of pollution, stagnation and trauma in connection to water.

The new crystal planting sets are:

Pure Source
This set is composed of one Pure Grace Heart, one aqua aura and one amethyst, specially programmed together to cleanse
planetary waters of physical and emotional pollution bringing healing and returning balance and flow.
Suitable sites of planting include: source of a river, spring, sacred places in connection to water
e.g. wells, lakes.

Pure Flow
This set is composed of one Pure Grace Heart and four amethyst, specially programmed
together to absorb and transmute held negativity bringing healing and returning purity and flow.
Suitable sites of planting include: any stagnant area of water e.g.lake, pond,well, marsh.

Pure Peace
This set is composed of one Pure Grace Heart and four rose quartz, specially programmed to heal trauma in connection to water.
Suitable sites of
planting include: areas of flooding - e.g sites of tsunamis and river flood plains, sites of ship wrecks and loss of life, old whaling ports, sites of destruction of marine or freshwater life.

Each crystal set includes full instructions for planting - no
previous experience is required.

We hope you feel able to join us in crystal planting these configurations across the globe bringing greater peace, harmony and flow to all.

'May the waters of the Earth flow once more in purity, returning peace and harmony to bring grace to all'

Sarah Louise Forsyth
Jennifer Anne Mole


Monday 17 March 2008

Meditation For The People of Tibet

The focus for tonight's Crystal Earth Meditation is:

'To send peace, healing and strength of heart to the people of Tibet at this time of need'.

This meditation will use a Pure Grace Heart and four chrysocolla. Please use the image of the crystal configuration below as a positive focus.

If you are new to working in this way please visit the Crystal Earthworks website meditation page for further information.

We hope you can join us tonight from wherever you are based across the Globe.

Saturday 8 March 2008

Pure Grace Hearts

The Crystal Earthworks
is delighted to announce the launch today of the
'Pure Grace Heart'.

These beautiful selenite hearts, a gift of light, are for carrying, meditation and planting to the Earth. Specially programmed in a high energy environment to bring purity and flow to the bearer or to their place of planting they offer a myriad of healing opportunities for all.

'Pure Grace Hearts' for personal use, in silver organza pouches, highlighted with specially commissioned artwork and with accompanying instructions for use are available through The Crystal Earthworks from today and for planting from the 22nd of March 2008.

Monday 3 March 2008

Mothers of the Earth

Tonight's 'Crystal Earth Meditation' is to send peace, flow and strength to Mother Earth and all the Mothers of the Earth - for further details please see the projects website. Hope you can join us!

An Apology!

To all those of you who turned up to the talk in Scarborough last Thursday and were turned away please may I apologise. I was actually there all set up and waiting upstairs but the people downstairs didn't realise until quite a few of you had left! It was lovely to meet those who rang and came back later on and to be able to chat to those who rang the next day.

The talk is to be repeated in York next week - details on the news page of the website and in Whitby in April. If you are interested in further events in Scarborough, please let me know your contact details.

Many thanks