Wednesday 29 May 2024

Meditation Reminder

Just a brief reminder that our weekly Pure Grace Heart meditations continue today, Wednesday, 29/05/24, and next week, 5/06/24, through 12 noon BST, focusing on purity, flow and Divine Feminine connection. Please feel welcome to join in - full details in last weeks post.

Pure Grace Heart

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Angel Aura Planting

I managed a couple of crystal plantings on our recent journey south from Orkney. The first of these was this beautiful angel aura placed to the edge of the stunning former churchyard of an ancient chapel attributed to St Ninian, near Helmsdale on the North East coast of Scotland. Specially programmed to enhance angelic connection to its place of planting, this crystal felt the perfect choice to further enhance the energy of this sacred site. It also added to Crystal Earthworks growing network of global aura plantings. Further details of this body of work and how to take part can be found on the 'Aura Plantings' page of this blog.

Programmed angel aura before planting

Site of planting in the distance
perched on the headland above the beach

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Pure Grace Heart Meditations

This is the first post from Crystal Earthworks new base in the heartlands of Perthshire, Scotland. We are still surrounded by boxes in parts but delighted to be returning to facilitating the projects Earth Healing Meditations. These begin today, Wednesday 22/05/24, through midday BST, using a single Pure Grace Heart as positive focus.

To connect in, simply sit in peace in a quiet place, through the allotted time. Close your eyes and let go of any worries and concerns and then focus on the image of the crystal below and visualise purity, flow and the strength of Divine Feminine connection being veiled to the planetary body of the Earth and her inhabitants for the greatest good of all.

These meditations will continue weekly on Wednesdays through noon and form the basis of our meditation work for the next month. 

Hope you can join us!

Pure Grace Heart

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Final Peace Meditation, Orkney

Our final planetary healing meditation, here in Orkney, is tonight, Tuesday, 7th May 2024, through 8pm BST. The focus for this will be the beautiful rose quartz cairn here at Old Nisthouse which is currently programmed:

'To send peace, healing and the flow of heart connection to all.’

Please feel welcome to connect in from wherever you are based across the globe. Simply sit in peace, in a quiet place, through the allotted time, let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then use the words and image of the cairn as a positive focus in meditation, positive thought, or prayer, for the planet as a whole or a region of your choice.

Each and every connection empowers the regional and planetary healing effect of the meditation, as well as bringing a deeper sense of personal peace and wellbeing. 

Following this meditation the energy of the cairn will be closed, and the cairn itself dismantled, with the crystals being planted to bless the planet with a permanent crystal anchor of peace, healing, angelic and heart connection.

Crystal Earthworks will then be taking a two week break whilst we move location. The next event and posting will be on the 22nd of May.

Eternal gratitude to everyone who has connected in, and/or contributed to, the crystal planting work and meditations over our fourteen and a half years here in the far North of Scotland. Looking forward to new beginnings, a little further south, and continuing the work to support our beautiful Earth Mother in becoming a lighter, brighter place for all.

Rose quartz cairn, Orkney


Monday 6 May 2024

Final Plantings

With four days to go until our move south from Orkney, I’ve been doing some final crystal plantings, including several mariposite crystals to various local lochs and lochans. These amazing crystals, programmed to strengthen all forms of life within the bodies of water to which they are placed, are part of our work to nurture and strengthen the Earth and her myriad of inhabitants

The mariposite shown below was planted to Loch of Harray earlier this morning on a misty start to the day. Three swans came into view just after the crystal had been placed into the water.

Mariposite before planting

The swans, Loch of Harray

Looking North West across the loch

Thursday 2 May 2024

Peace Meditations

There will be no formal Peace Meditation tonight, Thursday, 2/05/24. However the rose quartz global healing cairn here at Old Nisthouse in Orkney remains open and can be tuned into at anytime to bring  greater peace, healing and heart connection at both a personal and planetary level.  Crystal Earthworks final peace meditation, from its current base will be on Tuesday, 7/05/24, through 8pm BST.

Rose quartz peace cairn,

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Happy Beltane!

Happy Beltane! This Celtic festival of fecundity, falling midway between the spring equinox and summer solstice, marks the time when Earth energies are at their strongest and most active, here in the Northern Hemisphere, leading to an abundance of growth and fertility. As we are all one, and deeply connected to the Earth, these energies also reflect in our own lives, and we often feel more energised, motivated and drawn to new beginnings at this time of year.

For 2024, Crystal Earthworks is marking the occasion with the opening of the beautiful set of crystals shown below for four hours today, from 11am until 3pm BST. The configuration, comprised of four emeralds, four apple aura, four sunshine aura, eight angel aura and a beautiful Pure Grace Heart to the centre, will be programmed to promote positive growth, fecundity and new beginnings for the greater good of all.

Please feel welcome to connect into the crystals in the usual way at any time over the four hours of opening at this threshold time of new possibilities, harmony, balance and positive opportunity for all.

Beltane 2024 configuration

Sunset last night, here in Orkney
 marking the beginning of Beltane