Wednesday 22 May 2024

Pure Grace Heart Meditations

This is the first post from Crystal Earthworks new base in the heartlands of Perthshire, Scotland. We are still surrounded by boxes in parts but delighted to be returning to facilitating the projects Earth Healing Meditations. These begin today, Wednesday 22/05/24, through midday BST, using a single Pure Grace Heart as positive focus.

To connect in, simply sit in peace in a quiet place, through the allotted time. Close your eyes and let go of any worries and concerns and then focus on the image of the crystal below and visualise purity, flow and the strength of Divine Feminine connection being veiled to the planetary body of the Earth and her inhabitants for the greatest good of all.

These meditations will continue weekly on Wednesdays through noon and form the basis of our meditation work for the next month. 

Hope you can join us!

Pure Grace Heart

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