Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Crystal Planting Granada

Lovely to hear so many of you are out there actively crystal planting and making the world a better place for all!
Further records form our industrious 'Spanish' crystal planter, all in Granada, Spain.
19/ 01/18 Tanzine Aura at Isabel La Catolica Theatre, Granada at 20.40 approx (Spanish Time).
3/02/18 Aqua aura to Abbey of Sacramonte (sacred mountain), where 5th Gospel discovered on lead discs in stone holes. The next day there was the Saint Cecil Feast Day fair to the site,
 to which just about everyone in Granada goes and it snowed in the evening.
11/03/18 2 rose auras, one to Alhambra 2.40pm and one to Albayzin 5.25pm, (both Spanish time). These two plantings were followed by a double rainbow over the valley linking the two sites - how beautiful!
12/03/18, 9.50am Spanish time, topaz aura to primary school in the Albayzin, which is next to a village library and opposite a language school, as well as being in the vicinity of St Nicholas' church where an aqua Aura was planted last year. The site is the focal point of the Albayzin which is directly opposite the Alhambra and was there before the Alhambra was built. The Phoenicians and Romans were there first too - a key historic site!
Photos show Sacramonte Abbey, replicas of lead dis
cs of 5th Gospel and stone holes in which discs found.

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