Monday 15 January 2024

Crystal Cairn

The rose quartz healing cairn, here at Old Nisthouse in Orkney, is looking increasingly wintery in the arctic like weather we are currently experiencing. Luckily it is placed in a sheltered corner of the garden and remains an oasis of calm even on the stormiest of days. 

Currently programmed: 

 'To send peace, healing and the flow of heart connection to all’

It can be connected into at any time, from wherever you are based across the globe, in meditation, positive thought or prayer to send much needed Light support to our beautiful planet and all her inhabitants at this time of great transition and unrest.

To work in this way, simply sit in peace in a quiet place at a time to suit you. Let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then use the words and image of the cairn as a positive focus. 

Each and every connection empowers the planetary healing effect of the cairn and also brings a deeper sense of personal peace, wellbeing and heart connection. 

If you feel drawn to actioning your own healing cairn for yourself, your family or your local community, full details of how to go about this are available in the pages section of this blog under 'Crystal Cairn’.
Rose quartz cairn, 
earlier today

View from Old Nisthouse,
 this morning

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