Thursday 25 January 2024

Todays Full Moon

Full moons are a great time energetically to take stock, celebrate all that we have achieved over the last cycle, and acknowledge all that has stood in our way, or is no longer required, ready to begin to allow the old energies to release and fall away as the moon begins to ebb.

With the first full moon of the new year occurring later this afternoon, here in the UK at 17:53pm GMT, the projects beautiful garnierite (green moonstone) heart will be open to facilitate this process at both a personal and planetary level. 

The crystal, programmed:

‘To bring greater harmony, balance and nurturance to the Earth and her inhabitants’

will be open for four hours from 3.30pm to 7.30pm GMT, after which we will move onto our regular Thursday Global Peace meditation, through 8pm GMT.

At a personal level garnierite, sometimes known as ‘The stone of the Goddess’ helps to settle emotional hurt and heal the heart, as well as connecting deeper into divine feminine empowerment. On a planetary level it enables us to let go of old patterning and tune into, and co-create, all that is required for a sustainable future for all, to garnish our lives with all attuned to heart led flow.

As always, please feel welcome to join in from wherever you are based across the globe, with every connection empowering the healing effect of the crystal both at a personal and planetary level. 

To connect in simply sit in peace, in a quiet place, at any time over the four hours, or at the time of the full moon if you are able to, let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then use the words and image of the crystal as a positive focus in meditation, positive thought or prayer both for yourself as an individual, and for the planet as whole. If you are in a different time zone please feel welcome to connect to the energy of the meditation at a time to suit you.

Garnierite Heart

The moon early this morning,
from the projects current base in Orkney

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