Thursday 18 January 2024

Promoting Peace

This is the fourth and final of our posts started in connection with COP28 late last year. 

Peace is one of the greatest gifts we can bless to ourselves and others especially in the tumultuous times we find ourselves at the end of one astrological age and the beginning of the next. In these times of great transition and change, old ways of being, living and functioning have to break down and fall away, both at a personal and collective level, in order for the new to evolve. This can be a painful and challenging process, when all feels to be of great confusion, loss and despair, yet is in reality leading to a brighter future of joy, peace and harmonious living for all.  

Rose quartz is a powerful gift in these times of transformation, not only to heal our relationships with ourselves and each other, both at the personal and collective, but also to heal the wound of separation with our beautiful Earth mother in her myriad of forms. 

This beautiful iridescent pink crystal is a promoter of peace, healing and heart connection, the key energies to hold onto individually and collectively as we move forward through the first few decades of the new millennium. For in peace and heart felt flow we can heal, forgive and connect to the myriad of solutions available to the seemingly insurmountable challenges the world currently faces.

If you are drawn to activating greater peace in you life and that of others, I’ve shared more about how to use rose quartz to enhance peace both personally and collectively in the pages section of this blog under ‘Planting for Peace'.

Rose quartz heart
ready to be planted

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