Wednesday 10 January 2024

Enhancing our Soils

This is the third of our 'Getting Started’ posts, begun late last year in connection with COP28.

I feel few of us would now deny that our soils are much poorer than some forty to fifty years ago, a consequence of us collectively forgetting that what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. This widespread perspective has lead to swathes of land being over-used, over-grazed, imbalanced by the use of chemicals and eroded and leached through the effects of deforestation, intensive faming practices and climate change.

However our soils at this time are not just poorer in nutrients but also in terms of positive 'Light' energy charge, a widely unacknowledged key to our sustenance and wellbeing. As much of the food we eat, whatever our dietary preferences, ultimately draws both its life energy and nutritional value from soil it follows few, if any of us, are getting all we need to maintain balanced healthy bodies merely from  the food we eat.

So what can we do? Firstly eating as much fresh, preferably organic foods as our lifestyle, income, produce availability allows is important as both life energy and nutritional value begins to decline as soon as produce is picked or harvested. Taking a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement daily is also advised. Crystals can then be used in connection with our farming practices and personal food growth to enhance the Light energy of our soils, and in our homes to cleanse and Light charge our fresh produce.

Malachite is the key crystal to Light charge our soil for small scale growing at home or on an allotment or similar. Full details of how to use this beautiful green striated crystal in this way can be found in the pages section of this blog.

It is also beneficial to place suitably programmed rose quartz in our fruit bowls, vegetable stores and bread bins to cleanse and Light charge the foods we eat and to use amethyst similarly programmed in the fridge. I’m working on a new blog page which will cover these ways of working in detail if you are drawn to actioning this for yourself.

On a larger scale appropriately programmed chunks of rose quartz can also be used to grid fields used for both grazing and crop production to Light charge and re-energise the land. Please get in touch if you are interested in further details of this at:

Malachite rounds suitable
 for gridding growing beds, polycrubs,

Rose quartz chunks suitable
for gridding grazing and crop
growing fields

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