Monday 22 January 2024

Eternal Gratitude

Eternal gratitude goes to Jennifer Mole today, who is leaving Crystal Earthworks to fully focus her energies and light on her beautiful art work.

Part of the original twelve who came together leading to the birth of the project, Jennifer has worked alongside me for many years now in developing and actioning new bodies of planting work as well as in more recent years leading a beautiful series of Pure Grace Heart meditations, each Wednesday. 

She has been instrumental in the development of both the Pure Grace Heart and Aura bodies of planting and meditation work, and more recently in our work with the Rose Quartz Aura Hearts and use of crystals to strengthen the planetary body. 

Jennifer has also been a major contributor to actively planting many key energetic sites across the UK and beyond, and the Earth is a much brighter, lighter place for all her dedicated work.

Jennifer and I have been blessed with a magical way of working together over the last 18 years. Co-creating largely at a distance, we have each intuitively received parts of work to come, leading in time to the evolution and actioning of powerful bodies of work and understanding. As Crystal Earthworks enters a new phase of being, I shall greatly miss her wisdom and insights, and the companionship and beauty of working in this way.

Wishing her much joy, peace, fulfilment and many Light blessings in her journey forward. 

Her beautiful art work can be found at present on instagram: @jennifermoleart

Pure Grace Heart

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