Thursday, 26 November 2020

Lives lost At Sea

 Two sets of crystal planting have been done in recent weeks in connection with lives lost at sea, at opposite ends of the UK. Both these plantings involved very different sets of crystals.

The first involved the placement of a Pure Grief Set to the village of Mousehole, in Cornwall, a few weeks ago. This was in connection to the Penlee lifeboat disaster in 1981 when the lifeboat Soloman Browne, based near Mousehole, went to the the aid of a coaster the Union Star after its engines failed in heavy seas. After the lifeboat had rescued four of the crew from the stricken ship, both vessels were lost with along with sixteen lives including all eight of the volunteer lifeboat crew. This loss of life was devastating to the local community and inevitably left a cloud of grief and anguish hanging over the area. The crystals planted, a Pure Grace Heart for flow and connection to the divine feminine, an apache tear for absorbing grief and sadness, a malachite for heart connection and a herkimer diamond for drawing in positive energy, were placed to lift held patterns of sadness and sorrow both from the land and local community and restore a sense of hope and renewed strength and positivity to all.

The second planting, was off Marwick Head on the West Mainland of Orkney, on Rememberance Sunday. This planting was in connection with the sinking of the warship HMS Hampshire on 5th June 1916, which when travelling North struck a mine laid by a German U-boat two miles off the Orkney coast.  Six hundred and fifty five men lost their lives, with only 12 surviving. Also in connection with HM Drifter Laurel Crown which sank on 22 June 1916, during minesweeping operations, also near Marwick Head, when she struck another of the mines laid.  All nine crew were lost. In this case the crystals planted were rose quartz for peace and healing and selenite for flow, combined to bring about release of trapped aspects of souls back to Light. This type of planting is very humbling work. The crystals were thrown into the sea at 10.50 am and ignited through 11am. As the crystals were activated the sea seemed to roar louder and a barrier of foam on the surface dispersed. A trail of white feathers had led me to the exact spot on the cliffs from which the crystals were planted.

Site of crystal planting near Mousehole

Site of crystal placement, Orkney

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