Friday, 6 November 2020

Climate Change Focus: Smokey Quartz

This is the third of the Crystal Earthworks Climate Change posts inspired by taking part in this months Climate Marathon, which came  to a conclusion last Saturday: This week we look at smokey quartz and its role in absorbing negative energy emissions from vehicles.

Scientific  evidence is such, that there can be few of us who do not now acknowledge that each time we get in a car and drive somewhere we are adding to the pollution of  the Earth's atmosphere through the negative vehicle emissions produced. In terms of personal and planetary cause and effect we are literally creating negative karma for ourselves each time we travel in this way. However we can act with greater responsibility. 

Firstly we can take positive action to drive the vehicle with the lowest environmental impact we can afford and that is suited to our needs. Secondly we can look carefully at the trips we make, reducing them where we can through car sharing and using public transport (always respecting the current Coronavirus rules in your area at any given time), or cycling and walking, where possible, for shorter trips. Combining several requirements for travel into one trip is also a good way of reducing the number of journeys made, thus our overall environmental impact. Thirdly we can use crystals to actively absorb and redirect the negative emissions from our vehicle of choice into the Earth, where they can be transmuted.

Smokey quartz  is a beautiful form of translucent quartz which comes in many forms and when appropriately programmed has great capacity for absorption, redirection and transmutation of the negative energy emissions from vehicles and our karma in creating them. It is usually used in the form of a dragon egg for this purpose combined with rose quartz in similar form as shown below.

Like pyrite and amethyst, smokey quartz is easy to obtain, inexpensive and simple to use in this way and is thus our third crystal tool in helping to limit climate change.

Rose quartz and smokey quartz dragon eggs

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