Thursday 12 November 2020

Climate Change Focus: Rose quartz

 This is the fourth and final of Crystal Earthworks Climate Change posts, inspired by taking apart in last month's Climate Marathon: This week we look at the role of rose quartz in connection with all things planetary.

The greatest gift we can give to our beautiful Earth Mother and her inhabitants at this time is peace. If the world was to pause for a moment and then each and everyone of us stepped forth in our lives in a new paradigm of global peace, our planet would quickly become a very different place in which to live.

In peace, we are heart connected, in peace we care about not only about our selves but all those around us, in peace we feel a longing for Earth healing and positive change for the greater good of all. In peace we begin to make decisions or receive insights into how best we can, at a personal, community and planetary level, begin to make better choices to heal our planet, ourselves, our lives, and create sustainable ways of living for all.

So how can we connect to peace and surrender to it at a deeper level? As with all things the starting point is to change our own behaviour. Taking time to sit and be still, taking time to be really present in the moment, taking time to be outside in nature and allow the beauty of the natural world to begin to weave its magical spell of peace and wellbeing over us. These simple actions can help each of us to begin to lead more peaceful and fulfilling lives. Once we are doing this, we can then look to rose quartz to help us deepen those experiences.

Rose quartz is a true gift to our planet at this time. This beautiful pink crystal comes in many forms and has a myriad of uses in connection with peace and gentle healing. It can be worn, carried and used in meditation to enhance our connection to peace at a personal level. It can be placed to our homes, schools and work places to veil peace to all within its vicinity or used atop a simple outdoor cairn for meditation to veil peace to ourselves and our wider community.

Rose quartz can also be planted to the Earth to lift negative imprints of the past, either by planting fist sized chunks to the corner of a site such as a former battlefield, or used in combination with amethyst to heal an area of environmental disaster, or planted with pyrite to cleanse and realign a site to its true purpose of being. 

Like the other crystals in this series of posts, rose quartz is readily available, inexpensive and simple to learn to use to positive effect. It is thus our fourth crystal tool in negating climate change, yet should perhaps in many ways be the starting point of that journey.

Rose quartz

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