Thursday 5 November 2020

Crystal Planting Orkney

 One thing that remaining largely at home over the last 8 months has connected me to, is the immense potential for helping heal our beautiful planet and her inhabitants, that lies right on our own doorsteps.

Here are some of the amazing crystals planted across Orkney over the last two weeks. Its been a busy time with two new planting projects started, and another on the way. Its hard to keep up but I'm hoping to share further details in the weeks to come.

The foundation of Crystal Earthworks has always been in action, whether that action be to change our behaviour in order to tread more lightly on the Earth, take part in a healing meditation, or to place crystals to bring about healing for an ever growing array of purposes. Our amazing planet, and all who inhabit her, need our help more than ever in the many challenges we collectively face at this time. Yet within all that is unfolding, it is easy to feel restricted and disempowered.

Action for the greater good of all returns that feeling of empowerment, however small or large the healing gesture is, for we are all interconnected. Crystal planting is a part of that healing journey, easy to action, and with the potential to bring about positive change and healing for all.

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