Tuesday, 1 December 2020

December Meditations

Through out December, this year, our meditations will be focusing, on Tuesdays, on letting go of all that no longer serves us, both at a personal and planetary level, and on Thursdays connecting all to a deeper sense of peace.

The first of these meditations tonight, 1/12/20, through 8pm BST, uses a combination of a Pure Grace Heart (for positive flow and heart connection) and four lepidolite slices, with a focus:

'To release old patterning and ways of being, welcoming new beginnings for all.'

Lepidolite is a beautiful shimmering pale rose violet crystal, whose energetic vibration facilities the shedding of held negativity, weight, and energetic dross. In its natural form it is multi-layered, mirroring its ability to aid release of held layers of unwanted energy, emotion and patterning. 

All are welcome to join us from wherever you are based across the globe.

To connect in, simply sit in peace, in a quiet place, through the allotted time. Let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then  focus on the words given and the image of the crystals shown below.

Each and every connection empowers the healing effect of the meditation.

Pure Grace Heart and lepidolite

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