Thursday 7 December 2023

Where To Start

As COP28 enters its second week it felt important to begin to share some of the simple, inexpensive, yet powerful steps, we can each take, using crystals in our local environments to support planetary healing.

I’m often asked by those new to the work and sometimes by those who use crystals regularly yet are feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of possibilities ‘Where do I start?’.

Four key crystals and starting points are:


Begin to use programmed pyrite with any regularly used electrical items in your home or workplace to absorb and negate the negative effects of EMF’s produced each time we use these items.  In particular mobile phones, computers/ tablets, routers, microwaves, electric kettles.

Plant any mobiles phone masts, pylons or substations in your area with programmed pyrite chunks to absorb, redirect and negate the negative effects of the electromagnetic radiation they produce.

Pyrite in its various forms and sizes for personal
 use and planting


Wear, use, or carry, daily, programmed amethyst to protect against negative environmental energies and use amethyst to crystal grid your home and work place to form a protective shield of energy.

Crystal grid your local landfill with programmed amethyst chunks to contain its negative energy and begin to transmute it earthwards.

Amethyst in its various forms and sizes suitable
 for personal use and planting 


Use programmed malachite singularly, or in sets of four to grid any food growing areas you own or use to enhance the soil and thus the energy and nutritional value of the food produced. This is applicable to anything from a few pots on a balcony, to a polytunnel/polycrub or a community garden.

Malachite for enhancing our much depleted soils 


Wear and/or use rose quartz in your home, workplace and wider environment to promote peace and heart connection.

Rose quartz in forms suitable for personal
and planetary use

I’ll be going into more detail in connection to each of these focuses in further posts over the next week as well as covering how to help reduce the negative environmental impact of any vehicle you may own and use. There is also a wealth of information already pinned to the pages section of this blog covering these areas of crystal use.

If you have any questions or experiences of your own you would like to share, please feel free to comment or email:

Happy planting!

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