Thursday 14 December 2023

Pyrite and Wellbeing

One of the greatest crystal gifts we can bless to both ourselves, and our beautiful Earth Mother, at this time is to begin, or continue to use appropriately programmed pyrite with our mobile and cordless phones, computers, microwaves, routers, smart meters, and other electronic items, and to plant any telecommunications masts, substations and pylons in our local area with programmed pyrite. Pyrite used in these ways absorbs, transmutes and helps to re-positise the vast swathes of manmade electromagnetic energies currently swamping our planet.  These energies, unchecked, are having a profound effect on both our personal and planetary health and wellbeing.

Further details of the effects of these energies and how to begin to action the use of pyrite to negate them can be found in the pages section of this blog under 'Pyrite and Planetary Wellbeing’ and 'Pyrite, EMF’s and Masts’.

Pyrite in various sizes and forms 

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