Thursday 21 December 2023

Amethyst and Wellbeing

In the second of our posts in connection with COP28, we look to the role of amethyst in healing our beautiful planet and maintaining our own health and well being, both of which are in inextricably linked.

I have already talked of the negative energy soup we are all living in through our mass production of electromagnetic energies and their harmful effect. However the toxic effects of landfill and rubbish holding facilities also greatly adds to this. Wearing or carrying a piece of amethyst programmed to protect against negative environmental energies and/ or placing similarly programmed amethyst to the rooms of our children or adults open to crystal healing but reluctant to wear or carry crystals, can greatly improve our overall health. Amethyst used in these ways helps to form a protective energy sheath around the physical body and energy field.

Our personal and collective production of huge amounts of rubbish also has a huge impact on our personal and planetary health. Looking to reuse, recycle and reduce what we throw away on an everyday basis is key. Once we are doing this, we can then use amethyst to crystal grid the rubbish/recycling areas in our homes, place protective circuits around our houses and gardens, and look to crystal planting our local landfill sites. 

Further information in connection with this area of personal and planetary healing and crystals can be found on the 'Amethyst Amulets’ and 'Amethyst and Landfill' pages of this blog.

Beautiful amethyst chunk,
suitable for gridding landfill

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