Friday 3 November 2023

Strengthening the mineral body of the Earth

Making the most of still, sunny weather in between the storms, this week, I planted a further calcite to the elemental rocky outcrops of Orkney's West Mainland. These crystals are programmed to strengthen the mineral body of the Earth and serve to anchor Light energy into the physical body of the Earth to this purpose. We are blessed, here in the far North with many suitable places of planting for these crystals and as I action more of this body of work, it's fascinating how the form of each of the crystals chosen for a particular site seem to mirror the place of planting. The rocks at this particular site near Marwick, are very layered and slab like, as was the chunk of calcite planted.

Programmed calcite before planting 

Rock pavements near site of planting

Looking back along site of planting

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