Monday 6 November 2023

Rose Aura Planting

I had the gift of planting this beautiful gem like rose aura crystal to the top of Costa Hill on the West mainland of Orkney at the weekend on yet another day of stunning weather here in the far North of Scotland.

Programmed to enhance heart connection to the Earth and all within their wake, these crystals are part of our global aura planting work, more details of which can be found in the pages section of this blog. This was our first time on this prominent hilltop, and further visits are planned to action other crystal plantings.

Cora our beautiful golden retriever came along too and decided to sit on the exact site of planting after the crystal had been ignited.  Animals are very energy sensitive and she clearly knew she was onto a good thing!

Top of Costa Hill

Rose Aura before planting 

Cora enjoying the crystal energy

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