Wednesday 1 November 2023

Samhain 2023

We feel blessed to mark Samhain 2023 with the launch of a new body of crystal planting work to heal the sites of passing of those accused of witchcraft across Europe and beyond. This work first came to me a number of years ago with the publication by Edinburgh University, in October 2019, of an interactive map of accused witches residences and trials across Scotland. However, the journey to get to the point of fruition of the planting work has taken some four years to accomplish, and  I'll be sharing more of my own healing journey in reaching the point of the launch of this work later in the week. 

Many of those accused were simply 'wise women’, for that is the true meaning of the term ‘witch’, and were the healers and holistic practitioners of their time. Sadly many suffered unimaginably painful and cruel deaths at the hands of their persecutors all of which leaves an energy imprint of great suffering into the very earth at the sites of these tragedies.

We will be using sets of rose quartz and selenite, specially programmed to release not only the energy imprints to the land of such sites but also any energies of soul holding to these places of passing. For when death of a soul aspect is traumatic in any way it can lead to energy entrapment to the physical realms which, without help, can take many cycles of life to release. These plantings will not only free and heal the earth energy to these sites and the soul aspects connected to them but also the ancestral lines of all those involved. 

I hope to action the first of these plantings, here in Orkney, later this week. For these sites, many of which are to urban areas and often paved or difficult to plant around, we will be using rose quartz hearts and selenite pieces, the latter respectfully crushed to form a crystal dust that can then be scattered. Each planting will be recorded.

If you feel drawn to contribute to this work in your own area, for there are many such sites, we will have sets of the programmed crystals with accompanying leaflets to guide the planting work available in the coming weeks.

This is a powerful body of healing work to come, to clear a core pattern of misunderstanding and abuse of the healing powers of Divine Feminine energy expressed in the physical across many lands.

Rose quartz heart and selenite

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