Friday 10 November 2023

Healing The Witch Wound

The first of our beautiful crystal sets to bring Earth healing and release to the sites of passing of those accused of witchcraft was planted on the 8/11/23 at Gallow Ha, Kirkwall, Orkney. The crystals were ignited at eleven minutes to eleven and the work completed at 11.22am with the planting of a further healing crystal to the grounds of St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, adjacent to the inner cell where those accused of witchcraft were held. I then lit a candle in the cathedral to ignite this body of work. 

This was a very moving crystal planting experience and as I outlined in the Samhain posting last week the beginning of healing work with far reaching potential at both personal and collective levels. I'll be sharing more in depth experiences of how this work came into being and of this first planting in the coming weeks.

Crystal set before preparing and programming

Gallow Ha

Crystal placed in connection with holding cell

St Magnus Cathedral

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