Monday, 25 April 2022

Thank You!

 A huge thank you to everyone who joined in our Earth day celebrations on Friday, by either linking in with the meditation for peace or by planting rose quartz in their local area, or both.

I had plans to travel a few miles to plant my crystal but after other events intervened, I felt clearly prompted to place the beautiful fist sized rose quartz, shown below, to a walled area of our land, which we have never done anything with, in our twelve years in Orkney. It felt this planting was the first step in creating a 'Peace Garden' to meditate in and connect at a deeper level to nature and the beauty of the Earth.

The area chosen is a magical spot carpeted in lesser celandine, so spectacular at this time of year, and with a beautiful old sycamore tree to one of its walled sides. Interestingly, I had an image in a dream, when we first moved here, of sitting in this part of our land, meditating with a stone buddha in front of me. This area is also adjacent to a rough track, which is a popular walking route, thus the rose quartz planted will veil an 'energy wash' of peace and healing to anyone walking past.

Rose quartz before planting

Crystal planted to the centre of this area

Walled garden from a distance

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