Thursday, 14 April 2022

Positive Transformation

The Easter message of hope and alchemy in the face of great adversity and sacrifice feels more important than ever in the current times we find ourselves living through. 

A few weeks ago I was prompted to place one of these stunning titanium aura's out in our home here in Orkney. Specially programmed to veil positive transformation to all in their wake, these beautiful crystals are the latest addition to our aura planting work. Best suited for planting to areas where positive transformation is required, yet gridding with amethyst for positive change is challenging in some way, titanium aura can also be used placed centrally to the home as described. In this way, all within their wake are veiled with the energy of positive transmutation. 

I have found this a beautiful and empowering energy to have present here at Old Nisthouse, not only in receiving a wash of its powerful vibration each time I pass by but also as a visual reminder of the beauty and potential for positive change in us all.

Titanium aura

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