Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Earth Day 2022

The theme for Earth Day 2022 this Friday 22nd April,  is 'Invest In Our Planet'. 

Enhancing the energy of peace at a global level, and the immense healing it can bring, feels key this year, with all that is taking place across the globe. 

Crystal Earthworks is marking this day with a special meditation for peace through 12pm BST and also by encouraging everyone who reads this to plant a rose quartz crystal programmed for peace and healing in their local area, or to where ever they feel drawn.

Suitable for planting any where and in any situation, each crystal placed will add to the growing global network of rose quartz plantings for peace Crystal Earthworks has instigated over the last nearly twenty years. 

To take part in investing in our planet in this way, simply take a rose quartz crystal of any shape, size or form, cleanse it overnight in a glass or bowl of clean water. Gently dry it with a clean natural fibre cloth and then hold it in your right palm or in your left with your right palm over if it is large, and ask that it be programmed to veil all in its wake with peace and healing. The programmed crystal can then be placed where ever you feel drawn, by digging it into the earth, placing under a stone or into running water, wherever it will not be disturbed. Once planted simply ask that the crystal be ignited for the greater good of all and its beautiful energy will begin to harmonise all in its vicinity to greater peace and connect to other rose quartz crystals similarly planted both near and far.

Hope you can join us and please feel free to share your planting experiences via email: or through the projects facebook page - it is always lovely to see the work in action! 

Please Note: To programme your crystals to greatest effect, it is also important to cleanse and align yourself and the space you are in first. This is simply done by stopping and being still, and then asking the Light (Universal /Cosmic energy) that all negativity be cleansed from your being and the room/space you are in and that the negativity is released to the Earth for transmutation, and then that you and the room/space are filled with positivity. Then you are ready to begin.

If you are transporting your crystal to its place of planting, it is best placed in a clean box, pouch or bag to protect its beautiful energy.

Rose quartz

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