Monday, 6 July 2020

Sunshine Aura Planting

I unexpectedly found myself planting my beautiful sunshine aura crystal into the sea, here in Orkney, yesterday. Its often hard to let go of personal crystals but sometimes you just know in your heart that the Earth's calling is greater than your own needs.
This crystal was planted into the water next to the Arctic tern colony in Birsay. Programmed to bring hope, joy and vitality to the bearer or place of planting it felt that this crystal would not only serve to strengthen this colony, which has struggled in recent years, but also all those who visit this beautiful part of the Orkney coastline. I also had a strong sense of the energies of the crystal being webbed out across the planet, not only by the ocean currents (this particular site gets the full brunt of the Atlantic Ocean) but also by the terns themselves when they leave later in the year on their amazing migration back to the Southern Hemisphere for the winter.
Shortly after the planting an amazing plate sized golden coloured jelly fish appeared, swimming where the crystal had entered the water and when I looked more closely the water was teeming with different jelly fish. These beautiful marine animals can also web energies across the planet travelling on the ocean currents and also being very efficient swimmers themselves.

Sunshine Aura

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