Monday 13 July 2020

Amethyst, Recycling and Recharging

I have been using these beautiful chevron amethyst from India, for over ten years now here in Orkney to crystal grid our recycling which is stored in containers in our garage. Living up a long track, we do not have a recycle bin, and carry our rubbish and recycling down to the main road to be picked up on alternate weeks. 
Usually these beautiful crystals are cleansed over night in water, every two weeks, to coincide with the recycling pick up. However during lockdown recycling facilities stopped altogether here in Orkney and even now over three months later are still not back to normal. The crystals have therefore been working extra hard as we stockpiled bottles, cans, newspaper, cardboard and plastic, waiting for thing's to open up again and the whole cleansing routine lost its rhythm.
Taking the crystals out to cleanse recently I felt they had lost their vibrancy and lustre and even wondered if I would need to replace them. However, hoping they simply needed to be rested, I put them out on a wall, here at Old Nisthouse, where they could be cleansed and recharged by the elements. As you can see from below they are sparkling again and have been reprogrammed and returned to energy contain the area of recycling.

Chevron Amethyst chunks
recharged by the elements

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