Friday 17 July 2020

Coral Reefs and Oceanic Healing

To mark Coral Reef Awareness Week, there will be a special meditation through 12pm today. 
Coral reefs are key to the biodiversity of our oceans and to the lives of many. They act as natural breakwaters protecting coastal areas, provide food for whole communities, and support life by providing sources of medicine worldwide. They also inspire our connection to the wonders of our beautiful planet and through this create livelihoods for many. Importantly, they are also a key reminder of the fragility of the Earth's ecosystems and of the consequences when balance and harmony are lost, as we witness their beauty bleached by rising sea temperatures and damaged by pollution and high density tourism. 
It is this interconnectivity of all that we do, that leads us to our focus today on healing our oceans as a whole rather than strengthening  the reefs as a separate entity.
The focus for our meditation through midday is thus:

'To bring renewed balance and harmony to the oceans of the Earth'

using the four beautiful ocean jaspers shown below in combination with a Pure Grace Heart.

I hope you can join us in meditation, positive thought or prayer, through the allotted time from where ever you are based. To connect in simply sit in peace in a quiet place, let go of all your own worries and concerns and focus on the words and image of the crystals. Each and every connection empowers the healing effect of the meditation. 

*Please note the crystals will remain open with this focus for 8hours until 8pm BST tonight and can be connected to at anytime through that period.

Beautiful ocean jasper

Oceanic meditation crystals

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