Tuesday 21 July 2020

Planting Tipping Sites

Last week, I planted a second General Healing Configuration, comprising of rose quartz and pyrite crystals, to another area of fly tipping on the coastline of Orkney. This work to cleanse and recharge the land at such points began in June this year, see post dated 6/08/20 for further details. 
 As can be seen from the photos, the acummulation of rubbish was coming both from the land and sea. The tipping from above making it difficult to access the shoreline below in order to regularly clear the beach, as happens on most other parts of this beautiful coastline. 
The programmed crystals were slipped under a large rock a foot apart just below the tipping site and then ignited. I hope to return to clear the beach later this month.

Rose quartz and pyrite combination
before planting

Site of planting

Looking up at the tipping site

Shoreline below the tipping site
Beauty of the nearby coastline

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