Thursday 7 May 2020

Crystals For Grief

There are many silver linings emerging from the current pandemic, and it is amazing to see the Earth physically healing in a way many of us could have only dream't about.
However with that positive change has come great loss for many. Loss of loved ones, perhaps before their time, the hardship of being separated from close families or friends for lengthy periods, loss of jobs, careers or hard earned opportunites for learning, creating and educating and of course for many the loss of personal freedom, even if that is for a limited period. All these changes to our lives can leave us with overwhelming feelings of grief and sorrow, which if not acknowledged and healed can come to dominate our very being, limiting our abilities to stay healthy, positive or to even want to carry on. When these energies are collective, as in current times, the maelstrom they create can weigh heavily on planetary energy and come to affect us all. The last three Monday night Crystal Earth Meditations have focused on healing grief patterns across the globe, for this very reason, to help cleanse and rebalance this energy at an individual, community and planetary level.

Individually we can also support ourselves and begin to heal these patterns with the use of crystals to help us transmute and release negativity, bring about healing, and draw in positive energy to help us move forward.
Carrying a 'Grief Set' comprised of an apache tear, malachite and a herkimer diamond, programmed together, to heal yourself of all negative energies connected to grief and return joy, life and positivity to yourself one more, can bring about powerful change. Ideally this would be supported by healing sessions with an experienced therapist, however for many under lockdown restrictions, this is not possible at this time. Yet simply carrying these crystals daily in a silk pouch can make a huge difference to our wellbeing. I have used crystals in this way both personally and with clients, friends and relatives and have been humbled by the positive changes they can bring about.
The apache tear absorbs negativity, the malachite aligns the heart and mind and the the herkimer diamond brings an influx of positivity and well being.

malachite, apache tear and herkimer diamond
Programmed 'Grief Set' and carrying pouch

Alternatively if you don't have or are having difficulty sourcing this combination of crystals, simply wearing or carrying a piece of rose quartz programmed to bring peace and healing to yourself in connection with feelings of grief and loss is also a powerful way to support yourself moving forward.

If your grief is collective, for example where there has been loss of a family member, a chunk of rose quartz programmed to bring peace and healing in to all in its wake and placed centrally to the family home is also beneficial.

tumbled rose quartz and rose quartz chunk

All crystals require cleansing both before programming and regularly when in use - daily overnight in water if worn or carried,  or weekly for room crystals.
Cleansing is essential to avoid the crystals becoming saturated with negative energy which can then drip back into the energy field of the user, or area of placement. To cleanse either of these types of crystals simply place in a glass of water overnight, pat dry with a clean natural fibre cloth and then reprogram as described. Crystals new to you are best cleansed for a minimum of twelve hours in this way before use, as they will have connected with many different energies on their journey to you!

To programme your crystals to greatest effect, it is important to cleanse and align yourself and the space you are in first. This is simply done by stopping and being still, and then asking the Light (Universal /Cosmic energy) that all negativity be cleansed from your being and the room/space you are in and that the negativity is released to the Earth for transmutation, and then that you and the room/space are filled with positivity. Then you are ready to begin.
Simply hold the chosen crystal or crystals in your right palm and ask that they begin to work for you as given, for example:

"I ask the Light that this rose quartz veil me with peace and healing in connection with feelings of grief and loss. Thank you."
The call to Light refers to divine energy (universal/cosmic energy).

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