Friday 2 February 2024


It felt lovely yesterday to mark Imbolc with the beginning of our February Peace meditations and also with a planetary meditation through midday, for transmuting negative energetic patterning and facilitating planetary recovery and pathways to support that recovery. This meditation is repeated on the first of each month through midday and uses a beautiful combination of prehnite in epidote, angel aura and smokey quartz in combination with a Pure Grace Heart.

These crystals and their focus felt particularly relevant to the festivities taking place yesterday, as Imbolc is an ancient Celtic celebration marking the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. It marks the first signs of spring and lighter days and is a powerful time to connect to the seeds we wish to grow and nurture in the year ahead both at the individual and collective levels.

Happy Imbolc to all!

Beautiful prehnite in epidote, angel aura and
 smokey quartz from Ben Lawers, Scotland

First signs of spring here in Orkney

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