Monday 12 February 2024

Bagging the Bruck

We had the gift of venturing to the sea briefly last week inbetween the storms and the snow. As always after wild wether here there was plastic in various forms and guises washed up on the beach. We did our bit and collected what we could and it was heart warming to see others there, doing the same. 

As I've mentioned before we are on a continual journey to reduce the use of plastic in our lives. It's not always easy but there are more plastic free aternatives on the market than ever before. We also crystal grid our rubbish and recycle areas with amethyst to contain the energy of these areas and to begin to transmute that energy earthwards. Amethyst can also be put to great effect to energy contain any local landfill areas. If you are interested in actioning this for yourself in your own area there are more details in the pages section of this blog under ‘Amethyst and Landfill’.

Beach at Warebeth, West Mainland of Orkney
earlier last week

Tape and fishing net collected

Other items collected

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