Monday 19 February 2024

Calcite Planting and Ley Lines

Lovely to be back doing some crystal planting this weekend, even if it was rather misty and blustery. The fulmars seemed to be loving playing along the cliff edges on the up-draughts!

This was a joint trip out to place some personal crystals marking the completion of a body of training I’ve been doing over the last nine months, but also to place a further piece of calcite to the coastline of Orkney. 

Programmed to strengthen the mineral body of the Earth, these 'earthy', very solid crystals are being placed to both inland and coastal rocky outcrops. Acting as anchors of Light they help to strengthen and support the physical body of our beautiful planet. The the energy of each one planted can be far reaching, as they feel to channel Light into the subtle energy of the Earth through the ley line grid system. These subtle energy channels are key to healthy planetary flow. Also known as dragon lines in many cultures, it felt fitting that this was the first crystal planted since the beginning of the Chinese New Year, this being the year of the Dragon.

Rocky outcrop, site of planting,
Marwick Orkney

Programmed calcite before planting

Part of the coastal rock pavement, Marwick

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